Pendulum: Chakra Wand

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Balance your energy centers, known as chakras,  with this faceted seven chakra pyramid pendulum! Seven layers of authentic crystals connect you to your root (red jasper), sacral (hematoid quartz), solar plexus (yellow agate), heart (green aventurine), throat (lapis) third eye (onyx) and crown chakra (amethyst). 11" long with magical clear quartz wand at the end and another clear quartz ball at the top. Please note that variations in the natural crystals occur as part of their beauty. 

Useage:  Connect with your higher self or spirit guides and the pendulum will direct you to give you answers to questions that you need to know. Align yourself with the pendulum first to indicate which direction your "yes, no and maybe" signs are!. To initiate healing and see if any of your chakras are blocked: hold pendulum over the energy center in your body and if stuck move in a circulation motion.. Please note recommendations are a guide and may be for  entertainment purposes only and results may vary.