Palo Santo Packs

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Palo Santo Sticks are used to cleanse and heal energies, spaces, and individuals of any unwanted or negative energy. Palo Santo is a sacred, holy, and aromatic wood used for thousands of years as a healing incense by Shamans and the ancient Incas as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing. It is a powerful spiritually protective tool used to expel evil spirits, misfortune, and calamity. Palo Santo is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon. All of our packs are eco-friendly and ethically sourced. However, our packs contain palo santo that varies in size and quantity: please see below for details.


Holy Wood: 6 thick sticks; approx. 2.4 oz and 3-4 inches in length. Made in Peru and ecofriendly.

Wolf Spirit: 4 thick sticks; approx. 2.1 oz and 3-4 inches in length. Fairtrade and ethically harvested. 

Triloka: 4 slim sticks; approx. 1 oz and 3-3.5 inches in length. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Palo Santo is dedicated to replanting Palo Santo trees. The bags are 100% biodegradable.