Celtic Triskele Coral and Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant

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Derived from the Greek word "Triskeles" meaning "three legs" the Triskele or Triple Spiral as it's sometimes referred to is a complex ancient Celtic symbol. There are many different interpretations of its' meaning but generally it is thought to symbolize action, progress, revolution and competition. Interpreted as wearing this symbol. With the three spirals, this symbol is also connected to the number 3, which is the sign of spirit being present in your life. 

Red coral  is a "stone of the sea" and helps your body circulate high energy. Wearing coral  can help you find passion love, joy and prosperity! . It helps strengthen love in a relationship, making it more passionate. 

The combination of the Triskele symbol and red coral gives you the energy and power to reach your goals. This can bring about change in your life and connects to the life force to drive your intentions.

 This is authentic coral that has been dyed red, since it's forbidden to harvest actual red coral as it's on the endangered species list.