Animal Spirits Coloring Book Susan Seddon Boulet

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Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.

Ancient cultures around the world respected a variety of creatures as higher beings who took animal form on Earth. They were thought to have protective powers, such as healing the sick or guiding people through battle. Before the written word as we know it, these cultures often told tales of their animal spirits through drawing or painting.

Artist Susan Seddon Boulet interpreted many of these spirit animals (and more) in her dreamlike paintings of ancient, mythological, and fantastical creatures. This coloring book includes her paintings of Bast, the Egyptian goddess represented as a cat, and Kaltes, an Ugric moon goddess who takes form as a hare. You can also find the wolf, the bear, and the owl, who are all important to many Native American cultures.

Susan Seddon Boulet s twenty-two paintings shown on the insides of this coloring book s covers are powerful but playful. They explore the relationship between animals and humans, and they are always colorful and imaginative. You can use these vibrant images to guide you as you fill in the drawings, or to help inspire your own versions. We ve even left one page at the back of the book blank so that you can dream up an animal of your own.