Our readers aim to provide just as much care and quality over the phone as they do in-person, we truly believe you will not be disappointed! There are many options for remote readings including FaceTime, Skype, and GotoMeeting. Just let the reader know what you prefer. 
Please feel free to call us at (714)960-5200
  • How It Works: After purchase please provide your email and phone number. We will call or email you to set up an appointment that will work for you and with the reader you have decided on. Once time and date is decided, nothing more is needed from you and we will call at the appointment time.
  • How To Prepare: The best way to prepare for a reading is to keep an open mind. Come with questions you hope to be guided to the answer. Think about who you hope to connect with (for mediumship). Remember we don't need specifics! Just be open to connecting with another for the purpose of answers and clarity, and that everything is said for a reason.